Responsive website


If you are looking for website designing or planning to re-design your website, you must understand what is responsive website and what is advantage of responsive website.

Responsive Website : A website which is designed in a way that it looks good in all the devices and reacts or behave according to screen size and resolution of devices. So user can use and navigate easily on desktop, Laptop, Mobiles and all kind of tablets. When it comes to responsive website design only squeezing the images and content according to screen size is not enough, you also need to do changes in designed and UI according to screen size. Your website should adopt a different UI for different screens and devices to enhance user’s browsing experience. 

Some major highlights of responsive website design in India.

  1. More than 70% internet users are using internet on mobile. So its not a option but a need to have a responsive website design.
  2. From April 2015, Google has made it very clear that if your website is not mobile friendly it will effect your rating in google search engine.
  3. Some people prefer to have different websites for mobile and desktop but that increase your cost and time. If you need any update in information of functionality of website you need to ask your website developer to do it in both, mobile website and desktop website.
  4. If you have a responsive website you can get a consolidated analytics for all the devices instead of getting different analytics and reports for different devices.
  5. If you have a responsive website it increases your sales and conversions for sure.

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